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Grandmaster James McMurray

Brief Biography

WHAT'S NEW!!! AS OF MARCH 2016! THE HOUSE OF DISCIPLINE HAPKIDO BRANCH, MOO HAP SOOL, HAS JOINED THE INTERNATIONAL HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION FAMILY UNDER GRANDMASTER GEOFF BOOTH (AUSTRALIA)! This combining will become a driving force in the Hapkido world with a clear path to rank progression, unity and positive character development.

On 3/25/2011, Grandmaster James McMurray, who was promoted to 9th Dahn Black Belt by the Honorable Grandmaster In Sun Seo and witnessed by his senior peers, GM Rudy Timmerman, GM Serge Baubil, GM Michael DeAlba and GM Ian Cyrus. It was also in this time frame that Grandmaster McMurray was asked to a part of an elite group of Korean Martial Artist who have made a great impact on the martial arts. They call themselves... The Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood. They include the great GM Michael DeAlba, GM Rudy Timmerman, GM Serge Baubil, GM Geoff Booth and GM Kenneth MacKenzie.

Grandmaster McMurray is the Founder and Director of the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group based in the City of Harker-Hgts, Texas and founded in 1983 on Fort Hood, TX. He formulated the United Taekwondo Military System and the Moo Hap Sool Hapkido Society, both of which are currently being taught in Afghanistan, Canada, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Panama and the United States. Grandmaster McMurray's martial arts' style has been deemed by many martial arts, military and police organizations to be one of the most effective hand-to-hand combat systems in the world.

Grandmaster McMurray began martial arts path in 1962 when he was 12 and received his first black belt at 20. For almost five decades he has studied several martial arts and trained with many renowned teachers including: Grandmaster In Sun Seo in Kuk Sool and Kido Development, Sensei Ralph Linquist and Grandmaster George Dillman in Isshinryu, Grandmaster Jimmie Brown in Moodukkwan/Nammokwan Tangsoodo, Sensei Lorraine Lewis in Shoreiryu, Master Michael Echanis in Hwarangdo, Master Owen McDonald in Okinawa-Te Weapons, and O-Sensei Philip Porter in Judo/Jujitsu.

Grandmaster McMurray is also a former Special Forces / U.S. Ranger Combat Instructor who served two consecutive assignments in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with the 5th Special Forces Group at B-52 (CCC), and later TF2AE. He is a qualified sniper, an expert marksman with rifle and pistol, an expert in unarmed self-defense, and highly adept at unconventional warfare. He also specializes in “silent-sentry takeout” via pressure points, strangulation and bladed weapons.

To constantly enrich his skills, Grandmaster McMurray has attended a countless number of seminars. A few of his exemplary seminar instructors include:

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

• The legendary Joe Lewis

Remy Presas

• Michael DeAlba

Rudy Timmerman

Kathy Long

Marlin Sims

Geoff Booth

Kenneth McKenzie

Although he has advanced rank in many martial arts, Grandmaster McMurray calls the Korean martial arts his home and gives gratitude to GM James S. Cook, GM Jimmy Brown, and Cpt. Wilton Bennett for laying the foundation and path that has been traveled over the past 30 years. James McMurray was the second African American to be recognized and accepted as Grandmaster with The World Kido Federation Hanminjok Hapkido and the first Grandmaster in Moo Hap Sool to be recognize under 10th Dahn Supreme Grandmaster In Sun Seo of Korea. McMurray was also the first Texas State representative for that organization and continues to serve to this day. In addition, Grandmaster McMurray currently serves as one of the Founding Members of the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood.

Grandmaster McMurray confesses that he loves investigating the inner power techniques of Hwarangdo and Hapkido called “Nei Gong,” the art of advanced mind control that can directly affect the life force of human and animal bodies. He has demonstrated this technique by making his body as hard as metal as military jeeps rolled across him, snapping metal tipped arrows that were pushed against his throat, and exploding slabs of stone under his powerful blow. He continues to seek mastery of himself and his art through the knowledge of acupressure and acupuncture techniques.

Several magazines rate Grandmaster McMurray as one of the top weapons experts in the United States, including Karate Illustrated, Black Belt, Official Karate, Taekwondo Journal, Traditional Taekwondo, Taekwondo Times and the newly formed The Hapkido Journal. He has been inducted—along with notable martial artists Chuck Norris, Abel Villareal, Pat Burleson, Roy Kurban and Linda Denley—into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in August 2014, was inducted into the 1st Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame in Canada along with the Legendary Founder of what we call Hapkido, the Honorable Choi Yong Sool, Modern Hapkido Founder, the Honorable Jae Han Ji, The Honorable Kenneth MacKenzie, The Honorable Juerg Ziegler, The Honorable Rudy Timmerman and nine other Korean style martial artist from around the world.

Several military units and police departments continue to benefit from Grandmaster McMurray’s training in unarmed and “personal armed” self-defense and “suspect control” techniques. Among others, he has trained: Several military units from Fort Hood, the Bell County Law Enforcement & Correctional Facility Personnel, the Fayetteville Police Department, the German Polizei, the Harker Heights Police Department, the Killeen Police Department, the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the U.S. Army Military Police. Most recently, Secret Service and FBI Agents sought his training.

Grandmaster McMurray has also developed restraining techniques for medical personnel to deal with unstable patients. He has trained over 30,000 United States soldiers and their family members in self-defense, and the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) has used his techniques to teach anti-rape/anti-abuse classes.

Concerned about the direction and options for today’s youth, Grandmaster McMurray constantly teaches martial arts, life skills and leadership to children and teens. For more than 36 years he has coached several youth and youth teams to win state, national and international martial arts titles.

Grandmaster McMurray constantly shares his vast knowledge of martial arts, life skills and leadership through his exciting and thought-provoking seminars to the civilian population as well as helping our great military forces personnel returning from combat understand what changes they are going through and how to maintain the emotional balance between the warrior and humanity.


Grandmaster James McMurray's

Martial Arts Styles


• Aiki-Jujitsu

• Kenpo

• Isshinryu/Uechiryu

• Shotokan


• Okinawan-Te

• Okinawan Weapons

• Shorei-Ryu

(1975-1978, 1983-1985)

• Southern Hon Gar

• Southern Praying Mantis

• Wing Chun


• ATA (Songahm)

• Chang Moo Kwan

• Hapkido

• Hwa Rang Do

• ITF (Chon-hon)

• Kuk Sool Won

• Moo Duk Kwan

• NaMooKwan Tang Soo Do

• SooBahk Do

• Tang Soo Do

• WTF (Chung Do Kwan)

• Moo Hap Sool Kido

• Kuksool Hapkido


• Senkoteris

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