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The ThunderCats is an American animated television series based on the adventures of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. Each having a specific skill that compliments the others much like the students of the House of Discipline. The ThunderCats are Grandmaster McMurray's favorite cartoon. He has taken to calling his Junior Black Belts ThunderCats. In the year 2002, one of Grandmaster McMurray's black belts, George "Wolverine" Scott had some Thundercat patches made for some of the junior black belts that tested the day he tested. GM McMurray liked the patch and adopted it as part of the House of Discipline.

Just as the ThunderCats evolve, so does the students of the House of Discipline evolve, grow and seem to take on special powers (Leadership, Courage, Patience, Integrity and many more),.
The ThunderCat Club has been formed to bring together martial art students into a force that is good for the community, their home and our country.

The ThunderCat Club is now open to any student that is training with Grandmaster McMurray at the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation. Below is a list of the House of Discipline ThunderCats... both past and present:

 1980 - 1989
1983 - Mr. Marco Lascano, 3rd Dan (TX)
1984 - Mr. Patrick McCaffrey, 3rd Dan (CO)
1985 - Mrs. Edna Sauers, 7th Dan (KS) (deceased)
1985 - Ms. Tara Seibel, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. John Hanrahan, 3rd dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Kurt Seibel, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Timothy Hanrahan, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Elizabeth Morninlane, 1st Dan (TX)
1986 - Mr. George Scott, 3rd Dan (IL)
1986 - Mr. Calvin Lewis, 2nd Dan (OH)
1988 - Ms. Linda Horns, 6th Dan (TX)
1988 - Mr. Ricky Henry, 1st Dan (TX)

1989 - Mr. Kidd Collins, 3rd Dan (GER)
1989 - Mr. Mark Vogel, 1st Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Charles Eberhart, 1st Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Hector Correa, 1st Dan (CA)

 1990 - 1999
1990 - Ms. Shanna Velez, 1st Dan (HI)
1990 - Mr. Pedro Burgos, 1st Dan (FL)
1990 - Mr. Doug Williams, 1st Dan (LA)
1990 - Ms. Yvonne Hoffchen, 5th Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Quarry Jackson, 3rd Dan (CA)
1990 - Ms. Jozette McCaffrey, 3rd Dan (GER)
1990 - Mr. Michael Jasso, 3rd Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Marlon Odom, 3rd Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Jaime Lerma, 1st Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Harry Pillot, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Miguel Martinez, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Randy Stevens, 3rd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Christopher Peele, 3rd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Aaron Naramore, 5th Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Shawn Brown, 3rd Dan (TX)
1999 - Ms. Joy Lin Cox, 3rd Dan (TX)

 2000 - 2009
2000 – Mrs. Linda Horns-McMurray (6th Dan) (TX) 
2001 - Ms. Janice Colarusso, 3rd Dan (TX)
2001 - Ms. Michelle Colarusso, 3rd Dan (TX)
2003 - Mr. Matthew Gonzalez, 3rd Dan (TX)
2003 - Mr. David O'Shea, 1st Dan (TX)
2004 - Mr. Christopher Gonzalez, 1st Dan (TX)
2004 - Mr. Aaron Campos, 1st Dan (TX)
2006 – Ms. Adele Thomas, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mr. Ricardo Montgomery, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mr. Brandon Albert, 3rd dan (TX)
2007 – Mr. Jonathan Taylor, 3rd Dan (TX)
2007 – Mr. William Pagan, 3rd dan (TX)
2008 – Mr. Philip Staley, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Chase Rauhut, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Adam Holbrook, 2nd Dan (TX)
2009 – Ms. Keauuna Johnson, 1st Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Andrew Loughran, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Yanel Thomas, 2nd Dan (TX)
 2010 - 2019
2012 – Mr. Thomas Eckles, 2nd Poom (TX) 
2014 – Mr. Ron Jupiter, 2nd Dan (U.S. Army)
2014 – Mr. Austyn Giacomozzi, 1st Dan (TX)
2014 – Ms. Angelina Railsback, 1st Poom (TX)
2014 – Mr. Andrew Alatrach, 1st Poom (TX)
2014 – Ms. Gillianna Railsback, 1st Poom (TX)
2015 – Ms. Mariah Austin, 1st Dan (TX)

 2020 - 2029

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