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As requested by the students, The House of Discipline Martial Arts Group has made available certain H.O.D Apparel, Training Aids, and Uniforms that can be purchased on line. For more products, please ask the instructor to see the Martial Arts Catalog.

House of Discipline Martial Arts Group Apparel.
T-shirts that are authorized to wear in class, as well as other apparel you
would be proud to wear anywhere.

 House of Discipline T-Shirt HOUSE OF DISCIPLINE
Class T-Shirt
 Moohapsool T-Shirts MOO HAP SOOL
Gold Class T-Shirt
 Moohapsool Color  MOO HAP SOOL
Full Color Class T-Shirt
 Hanminjok T-Shirt HANMINJOK
Seminar T-Shirt


Recommended Martial Arts Supply Companies.
Find martial art product you want to order on your own.

 Masterline Martial Arts The BUDK Catalog
 Century Martial Arts NKMA Excellent Korean Weaponry
 Cold Steel Edged Products Execution Fight Gear
                          A SPONSOR OF THE

Recommended Health Supplements, Gifts and Information.
Find Lotions, Vitamins and supplements that I have used and recommend
for health and applications for injuries. Also see information on nutrition.

 Total Health By Cheryl


Jade Shop


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