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The Story of the Clan (as told by Grandmaster James McMurray)

While living in Texas, Master Jimmy L. Brown began his martial arts training in 1952 at the tender age of 7, under the instruction of Uechi-ryu Master Angi Uezi. The training continued until the age 15 and he achieved his 1st Dan. That same year, Master Brown began training in the art of Jidokwan Taekwondo under Master Cha Tae Hong and Instructor George Funny until 1967. Moving to North Carolina, Master Brown began training in the art of Moodukkwan under Master Byong Binh. Then found James S. Cook through Cpt. Wilton Bennett.

Our system's base was founded at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the year 1968 by martial artist JAMES COOK, CPT.WILTON BENNETT and JIMMY BROWN and advised by Korean Master Byong Binh. James Cook had a Permanent Change of Station to Korea and did not return to the United States until 1974, where he moved to Cleveland, Ohio and started of his legendary climb as an unstoppable tournament fighter and forms competitor, leaving Masters Bennett and Brown to continue the Fort Bragg Training.   In Ohio, Master Cook opened his first school and became a physical education professor at C.C.C. in Cleveland.  In 1990, He moved to Nashville Tennessee.  In 1993, he returned to the military as an instructor, and retired in 2007.  GM James Cook now reside in Knoxville Tennessee where he trains privately and continues to travel and do seminars.  This is a direct quote that GM Cook sent me recently which is great food for thought... "Has commercialism and ego taken charge of what was once an honorable path to walk.  The art that I taught to Jimmy Brown and Wilton has somehow faded.  My first instructor, Bob Howard passed away several years ago, and to this day I credit him with putting me on the path that I am still on today.  I would give all that I know to be in his presents once again as a 10 year old child that he kept from the streets of Cleveland, Ohio.  Vietnam changed me in so many ways.  It taught me the value of life as well as what it meant to lose one.  I respected the Viet Cong for fighting what they believed in as they respected me for what I believed in.  I did not wait for my father to die before I showed him respect… it was always there, and always will be."

Master Byong Binh also moved to California and Jimmie Brown and Wilton Bennett were placed under Moodukkwan Master Ki Han Lee. In 1971, the Fort Bragg Taekwondo Club was formed under the Dependent Youth Activities and the Morale Support Division.

In 1972, a young black belt fresh from the jungles of Vietnam by the name of JAMES McMURRAY joined the school and under the guidance of the "The Wise Men" the seed was planted. It was also at this time that one of the two greatest lessons that young McMurray would learn from the great Sensei James Thompson.... (1) never underestimate your opponent and (2) Don't fear the black belt... fear the person wearing it. Through intense long hours of training, the students of the Fort Bragg Taekwondo Club came to be known for their dedication, discipline and loyalty for their art, as well as for some of the most devastating techniques on the Southeast Coast tournament circuit with awesome and painful self defense techniques. In 1974, Master Bennett moved to Ohio to begin his successful career with the U.S. Moo Duk Kwan organization under GM Ki Whang, leaving Master Brown and newly promoted 2nd Degree black belt McMurray to keep the school alive and well.

For the next few years, the school received numerous honors and awards to include the 1975 Instructor of the Year (Master Brown); #1 Black Belt Competitor of the Year in North Carolina (Mr. McMurray). Both Brown and McMurray were two of the original twelve black belts to be classified as United States Army Certified Taekwondo Instructors for LTG Henry (Gunfighter) Emerson's XVIII Abn Corps' Fit-to-Fight program. Master Brown and Jimm McMurray received intensive training in the art of Hwarangdo from the “high visible” Michael Echanis.- In 1978, Master Brown tested and promoted McMurray to 3rd Degree Black Belt under the guidance of Master Ki Han Lee and the Korean Taekwondo Association of the World Taekwondo Federation. A month later, Master Brown made a change of duty station to West Germany and left the school under the watchful eyes of Instructor McMurray and newly promoted 1st Degree Black Belt Lascelles McCarthy II. These two black belts (better known as Big Mac and Lil Mac) sought to continue the traditions set before them. As the months passed, the reputation of the school and the martial ability of both "Macs" continued to soar. Respectful terror spread along the tournament circuit of the East Coast. McMurray secured the SEPKA Full Contact Heavyweight Belt and McCarthy grabbed the SEPKA Full Contact Super Lightweight Crown.

Soon, it was time for Master McMurray to leave. In 1979, Mr. McCarthy was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt and Mi'Chele Williams to 1st Degree Black belt and they were given the task to care for the school until Master Brown's return. Master McMurray went to Germany and formed the Wiesbaden Taekwondo Branch, while back at Fort Bragg... armed with skill, knowledge and determination (as well as fear)... McCarthy did continue the tradition and even went as far as to expand the honors by becoming the Southeast Coast Undefeated Full Contact Champion in the Super Light Weight Division, but also trained Mi'Chele Williams as she took the SEPKA Super light Weight Women's Full Contact Crown. Upon Master Brown's return to Fort Bragg, McCarthy came down on orders for Germany, Master Brown Promoted McCarthy to 3rd Degree and while in Germany, Master McCarthy established the Berlin Taekwondo Branch.

In 1981, Master McMurray rotated to Texas and formed the Texas Taekwondo Branch at Fort Hood called the "House of Discipline". One year later, Grand Master Soo Kon Kim and Master Jimmie Brown promoted McMurray to 4th Degree Black Belt. In the coming years, the Texas Branch built a reputation almost as good as the one established at Fort Bragg. Thirty-Nine Fort Hood youth qualified for the U.S. Junior National Olympics held under the U.S. Olympic Committee, capturing 11 gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze medals at the Texas State Championships. After failing the first time for being over-confident, McMurray was promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in 1985, later that season opened the Fort Devens Taekwondo Branch under 3rd Degree Black Belt Edna Sauer. In 1987, another school was launched in Patterson, N.J. under 3rd Degree Black Belt Ismael Aponte.

In 1988, Grand Master Soo Kon Kim, Grand Master Myung Sik and Grand Master Jimmie Brown promoted Master McMurray to 6th Degree. The House of Discipline continued to expand as another branch open on the campus of North Western University under 2nd Degree Black Belt John Ellis. Master McCarthy joined Master McMurray at Fort Hood and was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt and this great team began to forge an even greater empire as they continued to train and coach students to state, regional and National titles.

In 1991, Master McMurray became the first Afro-American to be recognized as a 7th Degree Black Belt in Moo Hap Sool Kido with the World Ki-Do Federation under Grand Master In Sun Seo, he also was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt in the System of Soo Bahk Do and Namookwan Tangsoodo. The House of Discipline remains strong today under the tutelage of Masters McMurray, Linda Horns-McMurray (Black Rose Self Defense).

As for the Fort Bragg "mother" school, underwent a few some changes; Grandmaster Jimmie Brown has since retired from the U.S. Army and has moved the school to a neighboring city (Fayetteville) and with my urging, changed the name to Brown's Martial Arts, The House of Power. It was in keeping with the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group' s collective school. He has also changed the curriculum with high concentration of Hapkido Sin Moo Kwan, and established the American Hapkido Alliance, along with Master Jimmie Faralli, 6th Degree Black Belt, but the honors and traditions of training are still present, and will be as long as there is the spirit of guiding force that he instilled into us all.

In 2007, our beloved Grandmaster Brown passed away... Because of his closeness to the grandmaster and his family, and under the direction of Mrs. Brown, Master McCarthy became the guiding leader to the Fayetteville school. We at the House of Discipline wish him luck and great success. Grandmaster Brown taught us to be loyal, to stay together and to be true to our martial arts. As the Senior Black Belt under Grandmaster Brown's tutelage, Grandmaster McMurray encourages you to get in touch with him so he may add you to the lineage of this great man.  If you have trained under Grandmaster Brown and would like to continue his legacy and brotherhood, he will be available to to help you continue your journey along the martial path.

To this day, Grandmaster McMurray continues to teach every class, providing the knowledge and instruction given to him throughout the years, not only in martial art, but warrior survival honed in the jungles of Vietnam, the battlefields of the desert and on the urban streets of our cities. McMurray continues his learning and perfection under the leadership guidance of the great and honorable In Sun Seo, 10th Degree World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association founder.

In 2011, Grandmaster McMurray, through the friendships of GM Michael DeAlba, GM Rudy Timmerman, GM Serge Baubil, GM Geoff Booth and GM Kenneth MacKenzie was asked and accepted into the Korean Martial Art Brotherhood, which is an elite group of "like-minded" highly proficient, dedicated reality based "martialist". The Brotherhood's goal is to spread good, solid martial art principles and concepts to the world population and to continue the legacy of great Korean Martial Arts. The Brotherhood does not issue rank certification... just knowledge pure and simple.


"The comprehensive knowledge found in martial arts is due to the contributions of many generations, each possessing unique characteristics, who dedicated their training to the perfection of their art."
  "3 Wise Men"

Grandmaster James Cook

Cpt. Wilton Bennett

Grandmaster Jimmy L. Brown
E-mail me with correction or additions to these lists. As new information arrives this list is updated.


THE FIRST GENERATION (Under Masters James Cook, Cpt. Wilton Bennett & Jimmie Brown)

Mr. James McMurray (TX)

(Under Master Brown & Cpt. Bennett)

Ms. Kun Jae (CA)
Mr. James McMurray (TX)
Mr. Tokie Brown (NC)
Ms Janice Prince (NC)
Mr. Al Calvi (CO)
Mr. Derrick Coates (NC)
Mr. Vernon Coates (NC)
Mr. David Prince (NC)
Mr. Lascelles McCarthy II (TX)
Mr. Fred Ferguson (PA)
Mr. Lewis Dickens (MD)
Mr. Jimmy Farralli (FL)
Ms. Valerie Hensley (NC) (deceased)
Mr. Tony Lopez (TX)

THE FIRST GENERATION (Grandmaster Master Brown)

Mr. James McMurray, 8th Dan (TX)
Mr. Lascelles McCarthy II, 8th Dan (TX)
Mr. Jimmy Farralli, 8th Dan (FL)
Mr. Harold "Hawk" Hawkins, 4th Dan (IL)
Mr. Virgil Crawford, 7th Dan (GA)
Mr. Jason Raub, 4th Dan (U.S. Army)
Mr. Deion Fuller, 4th Dan (NC)
Ssgt Cedric Hurst, 4th Dan (U.S. Army)

THE SECOND GENERATION (Under Grandmaster James McMurray)

1974 - Mr. Lascelles McCarthy II, 1st Dan (NC)(Also 1st Generation)
1975 - Mr. Jimmie Farrelli, 1st Dan (NC) 
(Also 1st Generation)
1977 - Ms. Michele Williams, 7th Dan (NC) 
(Also 1st Generation)
1983 - Mr. Ismael Aponte, 7th Dan (NJ)
1983 - Mr. Steven Brooks, 3rd Dan (MI)
1983 - Mr. Ronald Parks, 2nd Dan (OK)
1983 - Ms. Betty Guerra, 1st Dan (TX)
1983 - Mr. Fred Guerra, 1st Dan (TX)
1983 - Ms. Melissa Dunn, 1st Dan (VA)
1983 - Mr. Marco Lascano, 3rd Dan (TX)
1984 - Mr. Angelo Chappotin, 8th Dan (VA)
1984 - Mr. Bernis Lincoln, 3rd Dan (TX)
1984 - Mr. Duane Miller, 1st Dan (DC)
1984 - Mr. Patrick McCaffrey, 3rd Dan (CO)
1984 - Mr. Harold Hawkins, 4th Dan (IL)
1985 - Mrs. Edna Sauers, 7th Dan (KS) (deceased)
1985 - Ms. Tara Seibel, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. John Hanrahan, 3rd dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Kurt Seibel, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Timothy Hanrahan, 3rd Dan (TX)
1985 - Mr. Elizabeth Moringlane, 1st Dan (TX)
1986 - Mr. George Scott, 3rd Dan (IL)
1986 - Mr. Calvin Lewis, 2nd Dan (OH)
1988 - Ms. Linda Horns, 1st Dan (TX)
1988 - Mr. Ricky Henry, 1st Dan (TX)
1988 - Mr. John Ellis, 1st Dan (TX)
1988 - Chaplain Tracey Anderson, 7th Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Lascelles McCarthy II, 6th Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Kidd Collins, 3rd Dan (GER)
1989 - Mr. Mark Vogel, 1st Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Charles Eberhart, 1st Dan (TX)
1989 - Mr. Hector Correa, 1st Dan (CA)
1989 - Mr. Timothy Spangler, 3rd Dan (PAN)
1989 - Mr. Donald Hall, 4th Dan (CA) (deceased)
1989 – Mr. Isaac Costley, 1st Dan (TX)
1990 - Honorable Sydney Young, 1st Dan Honorary (TX)
1990 - LTG Crosbie Saint, 
1st Dan Honorary (US Army)
1990 - BG Neal Jaco, 1st Dan Honorary (US Army)
1990 - Ms. Shanna Velez, 1st Dan (HI)
1990 - Mr. Pedro Burgos, 1st Dan (FL)
1990 - Mr. Doug Williams, 1st Dan (LA)
1990 - Ms. Yvonne Hoffchen, 5th Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Quarry Jackson, 3rd Dan (CA)
1990 - Mr. Christopher Stuart, 3rd Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Riad Chtay, 3rd Dan (VEN)
1990 - Ms. Jozette McCaffrey, 3rd Dan (GER)
1990 - Mr. Michael Jasso, 3rd Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Marlon Odom, 3rd Dan (TX)
1990 - Mr. Jaime Lerma, 1st Dan (TX)
1992 - Mr. Lascelles McCarthy III, 1st Dan (TX)
1993 - Mr. Brian Giacomozzi, 5th Dan (TX)
1994 - Mr. John Mangan, 2nd Dan (TX)
1994 - Mr. Tyrone Pie, 3rd Dan (IL)
1994 - Mr. Kenneth Mayes, 1st Dan (KOR)
1994 - Ms. Ann Serano, 2nd Dan (TX)
1994 - Mr. Keith Ballentine, 2nd Dan (TX)
1994 - Ms. Michelle Williams, 4th Dan (TX)
1995 - Mr. Kenneth Freeman, 1st Dan (TX)
1995 - Mr. Michael Massie, 4th Dan (TX)
1995 - Mr. McGruff, 
1st Dan Honorary (TX)
1996 - Mr. Andrew Roberts, 4th Dan (TX) (deceased)
1996 - Mr. Willie Jumper, 2nd Dan (CA)
1996 - Mr. Danny Passmore, 6th Dan (TX)
1996 - Mr. Steve Donofrio, 2nd Dan (TX)
1997 - Ms. Nichole Stalker, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. C.J. Williams, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Ms. Erika Willis-Rivera, 5th Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Harry Pillot, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Miguel Martinez, 3rd Dan (TX)
1997 - Mr. Randy Stevens, 3rd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Christopher Peele, 3rd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Aaron Naramore, 5th Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Shawn Brown, 3rd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Larry Rogers, 6th Dan (TX)
1998 - Ms. Rhonda Payne, 7th Dan (TX)
1998 - Ms. Jan Bonner, 5th Dan(TX)
1998 - Ms. Lisa Stewart, 2nd Dan (TX)
1998 - Mr. Lascelles McCarthy II, 7th Dan (TX)
1998 - LTG Thomas A. Schwartz, 
1st Dan Honorary (US Army)
1998 - CSM Benjamin Palacios, 1st Dan Honorary (US Army)
1998 - Mr. Ron Foster, 1st Dan Honorary (TX)
1999 - Ms. Joy Lin Cox, 3rd Dan (TX)
2000 – Mrs. Linda Horns-McMurray (6th Dan) (TX)
2000 - Mr. Lee Randolph, 5th Dan (TX Association) (deceased)
2000 - Ms. Kimberly Davis (5th Dan, TX) (Association)
2000 - Mr. Rosalio Martinez (TX) (Association)
2000 – Mr. Kenneth Pitts, 6th Dan (CO) 
2001 - Ms. Janice Colarusso, 3rd Dan (TX)
2001 - Ms. Michelle Colarusso, 3rd Dan (TX)
2001 - Mr. Arthur Bryan, 2nd Dan (TX)
2003 - Mr. Matthew Gonzalez, 3rd Dan (TX)
2003 - Mr. David O'Shea, 1st Dan (TX)
2004 - Mr. Rudy Timmerman, 8th Dan (Canada) (Association)
2004 - Mr. Christopher Gonzalez, 1st Dan (TX)
2004 - Mr. Aaron Campos, 1st Dan (TX)
2005 – Mr. Abel Villareal, 8th Dan  (TX Association)
2005 – Mr. Larry Lockhart, 8th Dan (TX Association)
2005 – Mr. Wes Olney, 6th Dan (TX Association)
2005 – Mr. Wesley Snipes, 6th Dan (CA) (System Promotion)
2005 – Ms. Lisa Stone, 3rd Dan (TX)
2005 – Mrs. Abigail Aponte, 2nd Dan (NJ)
2005 – Mr. Pedro Alba Jr., 2nd Dan (NJ)
2005 – Mr. Agustin Rayo Jr., 5th Dan (NJ) (deceased 2013)
2005 – Mr. Geovany Rayo, 2nd Dan (NJ)
2005 – Mr. Kenneth Esteves, 2nd Dan (NJ)
2005 – Ms. Lourdes Anayatzin Rayo, 2nd Dan (NJ)
2005 – Mr. Paris Stevon Anderson, 1st Dan (NJ)
2005 – Ms. Jennifer Diana Gazzillo, 1st Dan (NJ)
2006 – Mr. Mike Nestor, 6th Dan, (TX)
2006 – Mr. Bassel Chtay, 3rd Dan (Syria)
2006 – Mr. Larry Harvell, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Ms. Adele Thomas, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mr. Kyle Wall, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mr. Ricardo Montgomery, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mr. Brandon Albert, 3rd dan (TX)
2006 – Ms. Stephanie Hicks, 3rd Dan (TX)
2006 – Mrs. Jennifer Fouke, 3rd Dan (TX)
2007 – Mr. Jonathan Taylor, 3rd Dan (TX)
2007 – Mr. William Pagan, 3rd Dan (TX)
2007 - Mr. Jimmie Farrelli, 8th Dan (FL) (Promoted By GM Brown, Recognized by HODMAG)
2008 – Mr. Stephen Schmitz, 3rd Dan (TX)
2008 – Ms. Catherine Schmitz, 3rd Dan (TX)
2008 – Mr. Philip Staley, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. David Jamison, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. David Zacker, 8th Dan (TX) (Association)
2009 – Mr. Chase Rauhut, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Adam Holbrook, 2nd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Marcus Brown, 1st Dan (TX)
2009 – Ms. Keauuna Johnson, 1st Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Andrew Loughran, 3rd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Mike Perez, 1st Dan (AZ)
2009 – Mr. Yanel Thomas, 2nd Dan (TX)
2009 – Mr. Jason Raub, 5th Dan (U.S. ARMY) 
2009 – Ms. Heather Anderson, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Mr. Garret Harder, 1st Poom (CO)
2009 – Ms. Arran Senn, 1st Poom (CO)
2009 – Mr. Jay O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Mr. Ward Alcorn, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Mr. Daniel O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Ms. Johanna Rochester, 2nd Dan (CO) (Status Undetermined)
2009 – Mr. Ian Oester, 2nd Dan (CO) (Status Undetermined)
2009 – Ms. Jessica O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO) (Status Undetermined)
2009 – Ms. Kalia Hires, 1st Poom (CO)
2009 – Ms. Karina O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Mr. Michael Hooyboer, 1st Dan (CO)
2009 – Mr. Michael Nestor, 7th Dan, (TX)
2010 – Mr. Calvin Longton, 4th Dan (FL)
2010 – Mr. Deon Fuller, 5th Dan (NC) (GM Brown passed before certificate was given?) NOT IN GOOD STANDING -SUSPENDED-2/10/2017
2010 – Mr. David Beckwith, 4th Dan (NC) (GM Brown passed before certificate was given?) NOT IN GOOD STANDING -SUSPENDED-2/10/2017
2010 – Mr. Walter Caulder, 5th Dan (NC) (GM Brown passed before certificate was given?) NOT IN GOOD STANDING -SUSPENDED-2/10/2017
2011 – Mr. Robert Ezagui Jr., 2nd Dan (TX)
2011 – Mr. Andrew Navarro, 1st Poom (TX)
2012 – Mr. Isaac Costley, 7th Dan (CO)
2012 – Ms. Heather Costley, 2nd Dan (CO)
2012 – Mr. Ward Alcorn, 2nd Dan (CO)
2012 – Ms. Karina O'Connor, 2nd Dan (CO)
2012 – Mr. Thomas Eckles, 2nd Poom (TX) 
2012 – Mr. Daryl Jones, 1st Dan (TX) 
2012 – Mr. Samuel Martin, 1st Poom (TX) 
2012 – Mr. Haseeb Bahar, 1st Poom (TX) 
2012 – Mr. Brandon Beach, 1st Dan (NC)
2014 – Mr. Ron Jupiter, 1st Dan (U.S Army)
2013 – Mr. Calvin Longton, 5th Dan (FL) 
2013 – Mr. Antonio Castro, 1st Dan (CA)
2013 – Mr. Trey Austin, 1st Poom (TX)
2013 – Mr. Mike Nestor, 7th Dan, (TX)
2013 – Mr. Dorian Frieson, 1st Dan (TX)
2013 – Mr. Jeffrey Martin, 1st Dan (FL) NOT IN GOOD STANDING -SUSPENDED-2/10/2017
2013 – Mr. Shelton Jefferson, 2nd Dan (FL) 
2013 – Mr. Lucas Jordan, 1st Dan (FL)
2014 – Mr. Ron Jupiter, 2nd Dan (U.S. Army)
2014 – Ms. Hanna Romo, 1st Dan (TX-Transfer)
2014 – Mr. Austyn Giacomozzi, 1st Dan (TX)
2014 – Ms. Angelina Railsback, 1st Poom (TX)
2014 – Mr. Andrew Alatrach, 1st Poom (TX)
2014 – Ms. Gillianna Railsback, 1st Poom (TX)
2014 - Mr. Jeff Peele, 8th Dan (NC) (Peele's School of Combat Juijitsu)
2014 – Mr. Kenneth Bastiste, 1st Dan (TX)
2014 – Mr. Jeffrey Bowman, 1st Dan (TX-Transfer)
2015 – Mr. Robert Ezagui Jr., 3rd Dan (TX)
2015 – CW3 Ron Jupiter, 3rd Dan (TX) (U.S. Army)
2015 – Ms. Dana Hee, 3rd Dan (TX)
2015 – Ms. Elizabeth Moringlane-Yankee, 2nd Dan (TX)
2015 – Mr. Dorian Frieson, 2nd Dan (TX)
2015 – Mr. Walter J. Hathaway, 1st Dan (TX)
2015 – Mr. James W. Critz, 1st Dan (TX)
2015 – Ms. Mariah Austin, 1st Dan (TX)
2015 – Mr. Calvin Longton, 6th Dan (FL)
2015 – Mr. Kevin Spillman, 1st Dan (TX)
2016 – Ms. Angelina Railsback, 2nd Poom TKD, 1st Dan Hapkido (TX)
2016 – Mr. Jeffrey Bowman, 2nd Poom TKD
2016 – Ms. Dominque Smith, 2nd Poom TKD
2016 – Ms. Jasmine Harris, 2nd Poom TKD
2016 – Mr. Zayin Frederickson, 1st Poom TKD
2016 – Mr. Robert Ezagui III, 1st Poom TKD
2016 – Ms. Heather Costley, 3rd Dan (CO)
2016 – Mr. Ward Alcorn, 3rd Dan (CO)
2016 – Mr. Eustasus Jackson, 2nd Dan (CO)
2016 – Mr. Jordan O'Neil Andrews1st Dan (CO)
2016 – Mr. Jacob Costley1st Dan (CO)
2016 – Mr. Zane M. Niehus, 1st Poom (CO)
2016 – Mr. Brock D. Niehus, 1st Poom (CO)
2016 – Mr. Randy Clements, 4th Dan TKD (Transfer), 1st Dan Hapkido (TX)
2016 – Mr. Maurice Palmer, 2nd Dan Hapkido (TX)
2016 – Mr. Randy Clements, 2nd Dan Hapkido (TX)
2016 – Mr. Austin Gostomski, 1st Dan Hapkido (FL)
2017 – Mr. Jimmy Hogberg, 5th Dan Hapkido (Transfer_
2017 – Mr. Elias Porter1st Dan (CO)
2017 – Mr. Robert Ezagui Jr., 4th Dan (TX)
2017 – Mr. Maurice Palmer, 4th Dan Hapkido (TX)
2017 – Mr. Randy Clements, 4th Dan Hapkido (TX)
2017 – Mr. Ron Jupiter, 4th Dan Hapkido (TX)
2018 – Ms. Gillianna Railsback, 2nd Poom TKD
2018 – Ms. Ariel Draper, 1st Poom TKD
2018 – Mr. Stephen Boynton, 1st Dan Hapkido

(under Master Ismael Aponte, House of Discipline)
J.A.I. Martial Arts

Mrs. Abigail Aponte
Jo Ana Cruz
Mr. Pedro Alba Jr.
Mr. Agustin Rayo Jr.
Mr. Geovany Rayo
Mr. Kenneth Esteves
Ms. Lourdes Anayatzin Rayo
Mr. Paris Stevon Anderson
Ms. Jennifer Diana Gazzillo
Mr. Michael Edwin Santana

(under Master Edna Sauer-Brack, House of Discipline)
House of Discipline II

(under Master John Ellis, House of Discipline)
House of Wisdom/Ananda Martiaol Arts & Fitness Academy
Ms. Therese M. Leone
Mr. Antonio Castro

(under Master Larry Rogers, House of Discipline)

Roger’s Martial Arts Academy

Mr. Donny Rogers
Mr. Russel Hall

(under Master Isaac Costley, House of Discipline)
Calvary Family Fitness & Martial Arts

Mr. David Jamison, 3rd Dan (CO)
Ms. Heather Anderson-Costley, 3rd Dan (CO)
Mr. Ward Alcorn, 3rd Dan (CO)
Ms. Karina O'Connor, 2nd Dan (CO)
Mr. Eustasus Jackson, 2nd Dan (CO)
Mr. Mike Perez, 1st Dan (AZ)
Mr. Jordan Andrews, 1st Dan (CO)
Mr. Jacob Costley1st Dan (CO
Mr. Garrett Harder, Poom (CO)
Ms. Arran Senn, Poom (CO)
Mr. Jay O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
Mr. Daniel O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
Ms. Johanna Rochester, 2nd Dan (CO)
Mr. Ian Oester, 2nd Dan (CO)
Ms. Jessica O'Connor, 1st Dan (CO)
Ms. Kalia Hires, Poom (CO)
Mr. Michael Hooyboer, Poom (CO)
Mr. Dalen Bakalyn, Poom (CO)
Mr. Stephen O'Connor, Poom (CO)
Mr. Zane M. Niehus, Poom (CO)
Mr. Brock D. Niehus, Poom (CO)
Mr. Elias Porter, 1st Dan (CO)

(under Master Calvin Longton)(House of Discipline)
Precision Martial Arts

Mr. Dan Wood, 2006
Mr. Tom Gordon, 2006
Mr. Greg Bledsoe, 2006
Mr. David Knight, 2006
Mr. Al Money, 2007
Mr. Zane Holland, 2007
Mr. Jason Turner, 2007
Mr. Brandon Seeback, 2007
Mr. Brandon Seeback, 2007
Mr. Jericho Benson, 2008
Mr. Alex Rudman, 2008
Mr. Ryan Wahl, 2010
Mr. Kyle Stamm, 2010
Mr. Gavin Gosling, 2010
Mr. Jerry Oaks, 2nd Dan, 2011
Ms. Caroline Lavigne, 2nd Dan, 2011
Ms. Dana Schack, 2nd Dan, 2011
Mr. A.J.Wolf, 2011
Mr. Scott Farley, 2012
Mr. Shelton Jefferson, 2012
Mr. Mack Horn, 2012
Mr. Bruce Irvine, 2012
Mr. Lucas Jordan, 2012
Mr. Keagan Sweet, 2012
Mr. Jeffrey Martin, 2013
Mr. Austin Gostomski, 2016
Mr. Aaron Seeback, 2008
Ms. Zoe Nicole Maltby
Mr. Todd Martinson,2018
Mr. Tristan Palanek, 2018
Ms. Kiersten Palanek, 2018

(under Master Mike Nestor)

Power Kicks Training Academy

(under Master Jason Raub, House of Discipline)

Mr. Tristan Raub (MO)

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