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The House of Discipline Notebook is a manuscript of all your techniques and focus... When you are away from the brother and sisterhood of the House of Discipline, whether in a foreign land, or in transit waiting to find another worthy facility to advance along your Path, you will have the notebook to keep your mental and physical values that have gotten you this far.

And then one day, you may want to pass this notebook on to your son or daughter, keeping the next generation strong and on the right Path of Enlightenment. I have broken the notebook down into 8 chapters. (Of course there will be more chapters to add as your history of progress). You may write, type, draw pictures, place photos, anything you do that will help you remember and reference back to during your basics. Much success to you, and remember... You will always be a member of the House of Discipline....

The House of Discipline notebook is divided into eight (8) basic sections:

    1. History, Mental & Physical Flexibility (History and other information to help develop your training)

    2. Stances and Footwork (Stances and angle movements)

    3. Defensive Hand Techniques (Blocks, parrying and intercepting items coming towards you)

    4. Offensive Hand and Arm Techniques (Offensive weapons used to further stop the opponent)

    5. Leg and Foot Techniques (Kicking and kneeing in offensive and defensive situations)

    6. Expected Defensive Techniques (9 Fruits and other Individual Sparring)

    7. Unexpected Grabs and Holds (9 Vegetables and other Self Defense)

    8. Formal Exercises (Forms, Poomse, two-person sets, multi-person sets design to balance your techniques with changing directions and weight distribution. The following sets are a important part of the House of Discipline development process: SQUARE-FORM,  TAEGUEK, PALGWE, CHONG HON, HEIAN KATAS, KI HYUNGS, DAN HYUNGS

Other sections may be added as you see fit for your practice and understanding. Such as: Sparring, Weapons, Gymnastics (martial tricks), Pressure Point Science and  Breaking Science to name a few.  Record everything that you learn about the martial arts. Its' History, culture, meaning, etc. Understand the proper breathing techniques. Know the past masters and why some chose to keep the Korean martial arts the same, while others chose to change. List the rules that are used to help your training, and above all be true to yourself. Anything that you pick up or learn to make you a better martial artist and an better person should be included in this section.

Please Note: The earlier students may have combined the Taekwondo and Hapkido into one book, however the newer students will either have a Sport Taekwondo notebook or a Moohapsool notebook or both.

Grand Master James McMurray, House of Discipline




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