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Beginner Youth Taekwondo Class Information

TIME: 6:00pm - 6:45pm        COST: $40.00 per month

Tuesday & Thursday (except for the 3rd Tuesday of each month)

Classes held at the:
Harker Heights Parks & Recreation Gym
307 Millers Crossing
Harker Heights, Texas 76548
Call (254) 953-5657 for more information

The beginning class is actually an introduction class. The first day,
the instructor will have a meeting with the new students and parents.
All information needed to start the class will be addressed: Class
Times; Uniform purchase, Code of Conduct, etc.

The student will progress according to their understanding and
demonstration of technique, participation in class, proper practice
outside of class. Approximately 15-20 techniques will be taught. Along
with those techniques personal body functions will be addressed:

   1. Basic strength and muscle building.

   2. Basic flexibility training

   3. Understanding of balance, focus, weights shifting as the techniques
       are being taught

   4. The correct part of the body to use when doing the technique

When the instructor sees that the student understands these basic
concepts (usually about 2-months) the student will be taught a Formal
Exercise called TaeGeuk One. It has 16 movements combining blocking,
punching and kicking in various directions.

Once the student is able to do TaeGeuk One three times in a row
successfully, they will be allowed to test for their Yellow Belt and
move up to the Advance Children Class.

There is actually no time limit as to how long a student can stay in
the beginner class. Some student's attention span is shorter than
others, and the extra time is needed to develop the experience needed
to retain the information

Advance Youth Taekwondo Class Information

TIME: 7:00pm - 7:45pm
        COST: $40.00 per month

Tuesday & Thursday (except for the 3rd Tuesday of each month)

Classes held at the:
Harker Heights Parks & Recreation Gym
307 Millers Crossing
Harker Heights, Texas 76548
Call (254) 953-5657
 for more information

The advance class is the Sport Taekwondo class for children. This class is for yellow belt through black belt levels ages 5-16 yrs old.

The uniform is the white Taekwondo slip over dobak with either the House of Discipline T-shirt or just a plain white t-shirt underneath.

The House of Discipline chest patch ($10.00) or the back embroidered dobak logo ($50.00) may be worn on the uniform, but not mandatory.

Class starts at 7:00. Students are lined up according to belt rank from highest to lowest. In this class, the student will learn to move quickly and accurately, improve their balance, strength, power, flexibility, confidence, and discipline and leadership ability.

Class will include jumping, rolling, falling as well as contact sparring. Because of the contact sparring, official safety gear sanctioned by the AAU and the United States Olympic Committee is mandatory. The gear included a head guard, chest guard, and shin & instep pad, forearm pad, mouthpiece and for boys a athletic support and groin cup. These are purchased through the school to ensure that the proper size and authorized equipment.

Annual Memberships to the AAU ($14.00) is mandatory for participation in sanctioned tournaments (August-August).
Annual National Martial Arts Membership is required ($30.00) (February-February).

School tournaments are schedule throughout the year in preparation for the State and National Championships. No student will be allowed to attend a State Qualifier without attending a scheduled school tournament.


Adult Hapkido Class Information

TIME: 8:00pm - 8:45pm
        COST: $40.00 per month

Tuesday & Thursday 

Classes held at the:
Harker Heights Parks & Recreation Gym
307 Millers Crossing
Harker Heights, Texas 76548
Call (254) 953-5657
 for more information

The Hapkido & Self-Defense class is taught to adults and mature teens (14 years and up) with martial arts experience.

The Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood and the Hanminjok Hapkido Association sanctions and governs the classes. 
Membership to each organization($30.00 per year) is required after the first month of practice.

You will learn traditional HapKiDo and specialized self-defense techniques designed for today's issues and situations.

Professionals will also be taught the system of Kido called Moohapsool, which was created and defined by Grandmaster's long experiences during combat,
Special Forces and survival situations.

Grandmaster McMurray has devoted much of his time developing techniques designed for (1) Women to take advantage of their strengths, (2) Medical Personnel to protect themselves & their patients, (3) Correctional & Law Enforcement Officers to protect the public, and (4) Our Military Sons, Daughters, Fathers and Mothers, who are willing to sacrifice all to help keep this nation safe.

The uniform is the all black slip-over dobak or the black wrap-around Gi, with the Hanminjok, Moohapsool or a plain black t-shirt underneath.

Techniques taught are designed to protect you and love ones from physical and psychological attacks.

Things you will learn:
- How to relax and decompress stress
- How to to be aware of potential dangerous situations
- How to block and deflect punches and kicks
- How to use pressure points in subduing an attacker
- How you apply joint locks and joint manipulation
- How to defend against a grab or choke
- How to defend from the laying down position
- How to defend from the sitting position
- How to defend from the multiple attackers
- How to defend against a knife
- How to defend against a gun
- How to defend against a stick

... and much, much more.

The classes are taught by James McMurray 9th Degree Grandmaster, Special Forces Qualifier, Expert in close-quarter combat.

There will also be SPECIAL INSTRUCTORS that will come in an do a mini-seminar
(a small seminar "thank-you" fee will be accepted)

Seminars & Private Lesson Information

Grandmaster McMurray conducts seminars around the world. His knowledge and understanding of technique application is second to none.
Seminars are scheduled on 2,4,6 or 8 hour sessions. House of Discipline Black Belt Instructor and Charter Members who host a seminar receives the discounted price.

Grandmaster McMurray also conducts Private/Semi-private lessons throughout the day. These will last 1-2 hours, depending on the information need to be taught.

For pricing on seminars and Private/semiprivate lessons please contact Grandmaster McMurray or his agent:


SEMINAR                     PRIVATE LESSONS                   GRANDMASTER

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