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House of Discipline is a common reference to a place that practices the Korean Martial Arts. The words symbolize the attitude, spirit and character that should be displayed by all serious martial artist.

When Grandmaster McMurray opened the Fort Hood Taekwondo Club back on 5/5/1981, and having also notice a trend heading towards commercializing of the arts among neighboring programs
, he wished to put emphasis on the effect that discipline, respect and character building within the martial arts dojang could have over a person, no matter if they were young or old. As GM McMurray's fame and recognition as an instructor, competitor and a referee spreads across the United States, Europe and Panama, so did the abilities of the ones who have come in contact with the dojang began to expand outside the walls of the H.O.D.. The name "House of Discipline" took on a special global meaning and became synonymous with the group from Fort Hood and the instructor who really cared about the art as a way of life.

McMurray's House of Discipline  has been the foundation of numerous individuals who have reached State, Regional, National, Junior Olympic and International status. Some of these students have even gone on to become successful as Martial Arts Instructors, Doctors, Engineers, Journalist, Accountants, Pilots, Medical Personnel, Firemen, Policemen, and even a couple Generals and Command Sergeants Major in the U.S. Army. This establishment  has been identified as one of the top places for martial art knowledge not only in State of Texas, but all over the world. and is listed in the Who's Who in The Martial Arts Encyclopedia.

Grandmaster McMurray has been crowned with titles of Referee of the Year, Instructor of the Year, Coach of the Year, Competitor of the Year; Top Weapon Expert, State, Regional, National and International Director in Taekwondo and Hapkido as well as an elite seminar presenter. McMurray's House of Discipline is indeed one of the finest martial arts schools in Taekwondo and Hapkido.

  Why The Logo?  
Our lineage: The Fort Bragg Taekwondo  was started by Grandmaster (Sgt) James Cook, Capt Wilton Bennett Jr. and Grandmaster (Sgt) Jimmy Brown. In 1973, Master McMurray helped design the original patch under the guidance of head instructors Brown and Wilton Bennett. GM Brown described the patch as The "Heart" of the Fort Bragg Dojang. When Master McMurray came to Texas; the pride, commitment, love and loyalty of the old martial art family was still embedded in his heart. In trying to hold on to tangible evidence that had became so much a part of him, Master McMurray obtained permission from Grandmaster Brown to adopt and expand the concept and philosophy of the original logo. The following explanation was established for all who will see, learn, share and live the knowledge through Grandmaster McMurray. Wear the logo with respect and pride.

  Meaning of the Logo  

1. THE RED & BLUE... symbolizes the UM and the YANG. This is the ultimate theory of The Eternal Dualities that exist within the Universe. It is a constant of opposites where one cannot exist without the other, just as there cannot be an instructor without students or students without an instructor.

2. HORIZONTAL. “S”... separates the two colors and symbolizes that one flows into the other and helps us to realize that we, as human beings, are a part of each other and can not exist without the harmony of others.

3. THE CIRCLE... all that is mention above is enclosed by the circle; which symbolizes the never-ending cycle of progression and learning as long as the circle remains closed. This applies not only in the martial arts, but in life as well.

4. THE FIST & FOOT... represents the Korean words ”TAE KWON” which literally means to smash and destroy with the hand and foot. The words TAE KWON are also spoken when a member of the House of Discipline enters and exits the dojang. The fist and the foot also reminds us that even though Taekwondo is a kicking art, the hands are just as important for close combat self defense as well as reaching out and touching your love ones.

Notice however, that unlike the Fort Bragg School, the House of Discipline prefers the foot to be on the red side and the fist to be on the blue side. This is another way of expressing Grandmaster Brown's favorite saying as he drilled into us the importance of using combination in the execution of our techniques. I can still hear him to the day saying, “The foot follows the hand and the hand follows the foot! Put combinations together.. LIKE THIS!..”, then he would tag us with techniques of punches and kicks.

5. THIRTEEN LEAVES... surrounds the enclosed circle like an open cup. The 13 leaves on each branch represent the number of years that Master McMurray had been teaching at the time the Fort Hood School was formed. The leaves of both branches, added together, ironically adds up to the number of years that Master McMurray had dedicated to the martial arts when he was accepted as an international master in the martial arts. The leaves are green and alive; the opening at the top is there as a reminder to continue to accept knowledge and new ideas.

The phrase... HOUSE OF DISCIPLINE... umbrellas the above elements, sheltering them from the storm knowing than without any of the above elements, there would not be a House of Discipline. Continue the pride and tradition when you speak of the House of Discipline; always be eager to express the meaning and legend of the logo. Embrace it's idea not only in the martial training, but also as you search for your rightful place in this world. Always remember that once the House of Discipline has touched you, it will always be a part of you and you a part of it.

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